How to Set Goals in Uncertain Times

My goals got WIPED out when the pandemic hit!

How about you? How do you get back on track?  You know 2023 NEEDS to be different! might be wondering...

"How do I set goals when there is so much uncertainty?" 

I'm Jenny DuFresne. As a serial entrepreneur, international best selling author, leadership development expert, high impact goals are key to my success and results.

When I built a multi-million company--laser focused goals were key.  When I ran the Marine Corps Marathon--high impact goals were key.

I started 2020 by launching 2 new businesses (along with the six-figure leadership training business I lead). 

My 2020 goals got WIPED out!

The pandemic blew everything out of the water. 

Panic. Pivot. Pivot. Sit still. Reflect. 

I had to open the toolkit and pull out the goal setting tools my team and I use with leaders around the world. AND...I added strategies not typically part of goal setting methods.

Recovery is slow. Uncertainty is still a constant companion. 

But there is hope and possibility. 

Ready to step into 2023 with clarity, focus, and energy? My Change Proof Goal Setting Method is key.  This 4-Pillar Method engages you at a deeper level to set goals that will thrive in the midst of significant change. 

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A Method for Real Results

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions. BUT...they often fade away with 30 to 60 days. With so much global uncertainty our New Year’s resolutions fade even quicker.

The Leaders Transform Signature Goal Setting Method gets real results for leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. If you want more clarity, more time for what matters most, more profit, and more impact register today.

The Method Teaches You To... 

Make Impact

5 building blocks of high impact goals


Get Focused

3 laser-focus questions to ALWAYS be productive


7 strategies to create change-proof goals


Live Inspired

7 principles of a well designed, goal-inspired life. 

This isn't an ordinary goal setting course. I've taught leaders around the world these strategies--individually.

I realized one of the best ways I could help leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners was to bring super impact strategies together in a clear method.

The on-going global pandemic created a necessity to set goals differently.

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Register for this course if...

  • you want control over your time and life
  • you lead a team that needs to achieve consistent results
  • your goals have missed the mark in the past
  • you struggle to set and maintain goals that create more time, money, and freedom
  • you want better results in uncertain times
  • you need a clear method to create more time, money, and freedom
  • you want a system to laser focus your time
  • Imagine goals that make you want to jump out of bed every morning because you feel so inspired by the results you are getting.
  • “You need a plan to build a house. To build a life, it is even more important to have a plan or goal.” – Zig Ziglar
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Action is the BEST Antidote for Uncertainty

If you know that 2023 can be better, but you need tools to create the goals that will make it better... register today. Your results are waiting. 

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About Jenny DuFresne

Jenny DuFresne is a serial entrepreneur, U.S. Marine Corps veteran, CEO, international bestselling author, and truth-seeker. She is a wife and mom of two sons.

Jenny has built a multimillion dollar company, as well as, several six-figure businesses. Her business and entrepreneurial expertise include building businesses in professional services, education, construction, and information technology.