Are You Prepared to Lead?

Great leadership matters. It is key to building teams that thrive and companies that survive ups and downs.

Every leader impacts three key areas of business: People, Purpose, and Profit. A leader's most important job is to grow and develop people. Unleash the talent and genius of a team and watch Purpose and Profits soar.

Most leaders are unprepared to lead. To connect, tap in, and unleash a team's talents, a leader must develop a self-reflective practice.

Lead from the Inside Out

To lead well and be a better leader, self-development is a key first step.

Thousands of leaders are taught to have the right competencies, degree, and technical skills. Too few are taught to connect with their inner life, beliefs, and perspectives.

We believe leadership is an inside job.

Our leadership work is in two strands: self development and professional development.

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Our Impact

Leaders Thrive

3,000+ leaders and teams served

75% “increase in leader confidence”

Organizations Thrive

100% “improved org. culture”

75% “increase in productivity”

We Impact

5 sector expertise

4.85 out of 5 stars on evaluations

Lead Self

Leadership is an inside job. A leader who invests time and energy in her personal development thrives.

How an leader sees and understands herself is a huge success lever. Rarely do leadership programs focus on the thoughts, feelings, and questions every leader wrestles with inside.  We intentionally focus on the leader's inner life to touch, move, and inspire others.

Our e-Learning courses, live training, and coaching develop confidence and clarity.

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Lead Teams

Why are so many leaders ineffective or ill-prepared? The most critical leadership role is to build, lead, and develop teams and people.

We specialize in robust leader development programs to ensure leaders develop the tools, skills, and understanding to build effective teams, clear cultures, and grow people who help build and sustain companies.

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Self Development Courses

Leadership Courses

Engaging Courses For Women Leaders to Live a Balanced, Healthy, and Connected Life.

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Dynamic Courses for Leaders who Seek to Deepen Leadership Impact on the World. 

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From Empty To Overflow

In my bestselling book, I share the 5 glorifications we've learned as leaders that keep us depleted. The good news is that I share 5 radical actions to create a life you love and are passionate about every day! 

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