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We Believe...

The three most powerful building blocks of an inspired workplace are Leader, Culture, Team. Each building block is as important as the next. All need to effectively function to support growth, engagement, and productivity. Our mission is to help leaders envision, develop, and build an inspired workplace.



Leaders who cultivate self-awareness,  competencies, and curiosity lead well.



Leaders shape business culture with every interaction or inaction.



Leaders guide and build effective teams that accelerate momentum and results.

Our Mission

We support leaders to build trust-based relationships to increase retention, engagement, and innovation.

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Why Leaders Matter

Every business impacts people. No matter the product or service a business sells, people are the difference-makers. Leaders build teams that thrive and inspire. We support leaders to be more effective and impactful with the people they are privileged to lead. We help leaders be the difference-makers.

Why Culture Matters

Have you ever walked into a company and immediately felt happy? A vibrant culture is the secret sauce. What values, behaviors, and attitudes thrive in your company? Leaders who ignite the consistent, daily actions to shape and maintain a great culture. We put the pieces together to move company culture from unclear and chaotic to a vibrant, dynamic place to thrive.

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The High Cost of Low Productivity

Are your teams struggling to get things done? 

Are critical deadlines missed repeatedly?

There is a high cost for low productivity at work. Businesses lose $450 to $550 billion from disengaged and over-extended employees each year.

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Leaders of low productivity work environments experience five challenges. 

Broken communication    Broken trust   

Low engagement  

Inconsistent action     Lethargic culture 

We tackle these 5 low productivity symptoms by applying 6 levers from our training, coaching, and consulting solutions.

We Solve the People Puzzle

Focus on People, Culture, Values

6 Levers Tackle the People Puzzle

Our trainers, facilitators, and coaches support leaders and teams to build trust-based relationships that keep people engaged, happy, and productive. We help solve the people puzzle.

6 Levers Tackle the People Puzzle

Leaders Transform offers standard and customized leadership, executive coaching, and organizational culture development programs.  We understand that each client has unique and different needs that are key to understand and evolve the best-fit solution. 

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People Results

  • Increase retention of high potential employees

  • Increase happiness and engagement

  • Increase company productivity

  • Decrease high cost of talent drain

  • Decrease in stress 

Since 2013, the Leaders Transform team has trained over 3,500 leaders and teams to create inspired work environments.

Our Distinct DNA

  • Agile

  • Tailored Solutions for Your Problems

  • Trusted Partner

  • Listen to Needs

  • Bias to Listen and Act

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Our Leadership Team

Jenny DuFresne and Dr. Samantha Madhosingh

Jenny DuFresne, PMP

Jenny DuFresne is the CEO, Leaders Transform LLC, a business growth training firm. The Leaders Transform team helps CEOs and leaders build great teams and profitable, thriving companies. Jenny's expertise in organizational development, culture building, and training leads the Facilitation and Training team to apply the 6 Levers to tackle our clients people puzzles.

Dr. Samantha Madhosingh

Dr. Samantha Madhosingh, VP Coaching Practice, Leaders Transform LLC, has dedicated the last 20 years to researching, understanding, & solving the infinite possibilities of human potential, behavior, & performance. Dr. Samantha leads our Leadership Coaching Practice Team. This team supports leaders to achieve mastery in mindset, communication, & relationships.

Select Clients

Over 3,500 leaders and teams transformed since 2013. Our high quality training, expert coaching, and facilitation shift behaviors, mindsets, and skills. We are experts in mid-level leaders and managers development. We help leaders and teams exceed company goals. 

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