Let Me Finish! How to Navigate Being the "Only" in the Room

In this episode of "The Room - Where Leaders Talk," Sheryl Mays, CEO of Rise and Shine Consulting and Coaching, discusses her leadership journey and the pivotal lessons she learned along the way. Sheryl emphasizes the importance of understanding that not everyone on your team aspires to be a leader like you and the significance of building alliances. She also highlights the power of mentorship and how her mentor helped her gain confidence as a leader. Sheryl shares her experience breaking into the "boys' club" and finding her voice, a journey many women leaders can relate to. Now, as the CEO of her consulting firm, Sheryl offers the Master the Sale Academy to help businesses focus on customer retention and exceptional service, emphasizing the value of internal and external customers.

Why Should Leaders Listen:

Leaders, both seasoned and aspiring, should tune in to this interview with Sheryl Mays for compelling insights and practical takeaways. Sheryl shares her remarkable leadership journey, which includes breaking into the "boys' club" and finding her voice as a woman of color in leadership. Her experiences and lessons provide valuable guidance for leaders navigating similar challenges. Additionally, Sheryl's expertise in customer service and customer engagement sheds light on the importance of customer retention and delivering exceptional experiences, offering a fresh perspective on how customer-centric practices can drive success and sustainability. Her discussion on gaining confidence as a leader and the role of mentorship is also vital for leaders at all levels. Overall, this interview is a treasure trove of leadership wisdom and strategies.

3 Powerful Leadership Lessons:

  • Not Everyone Wants to Be a Leader: Understand that not all team members share your aspiration for leadership roles, and leadership comes in many forms.
  • Building Alliances: Building and nurturing alliances is crucial for success in leadership roles. Relationships can open doors and provide valuable support.
  • Confidence is Key: Confidence in your abilities as a leader is essential. Seek mentors and support to overcome imposter syndrome and gain the confidence you need to make an impact.

3 Impactful Quotes:

  • "As a leader, we have to be okay with answering the question because the question resurfaces every time you get a new assignment, every time you get a new team: 'Am I Worthy?'" - Sheryl Mays emphasizes the recurring doubt that leaders face and the importance of addressing it.
  • "Sometimes it takes a person to see who you really are, and then to see you in a position or in a situation, and they say, 'No, you're not showing up as your best.'" - Sheryl Mays underscores the significance of self-awareness and mentorship in recognizing and addressing imposter syndrome.
  • "Customer retention is vital to your business. When you Wow your customers, they tell other people, they give you referrals. Referrals equal new customers. New customers equal revenue." - Sheryl Mays stresses the fundamental beliefs businesses should adopt to achieve success in customer service and sales.

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