How Healthy Leaders Create Great Teams

In this eye-opening interview, Candice Ludwig, Founder, Appetite for Awesome, offers valuable insights into the nexus of leadership, well-being, and corporate success. Drawing from her extensive background in talent management and health coaching, she underscores the significance of leaders establishing genuine connections with their teams. Candice advocates for a workplace culture that prioritizes support and empathy. Furthermore, she highlights the substantial advantages of investing in employee well-being, detailing how it can yield substantial returns for organizations. Her holistic approach to being a healthy leader encompasses nutrition, physical activity, and mindset. This interview explores various leadership styles, the profound impact of health on productivity, and the harmonious growth of individuals both personally and professionally.

Why should leaders listen to this interview?

Candice Ludwig, Founder, Appetite for Awesome and former corporate talent management professional shares insights on leadership, health, and well-being, drawing from her experience in both corporate and health coaching realms. Candice emphasizes the importance of leaders connecting with their teams on a personal level, fostering a culture of support and understanding. She also delves into the benefits of investing in employee health, which not only improves well-being but can lead to substantial returns for companies. Her approach combines meals, movement, and mindset in a gradual, sustainable way. 

3 Powerful Leadership Lessons:

  • The Relationship with Direct Managers: Your immediate supervisor's role is crucial in retaining talent and driving engagement. A strong connection with employees fosters trust and enhances their commitment to the organization.
  • Evolution of Leadership Styles: Leadership should adapt to changing times. The one-size-fits-all approach to leadership doesn't work, and leaders should strive for authenticity, focusing on individualized connections and motivations.
  • Promoting Health and Well-being: Leaders who encourage and support employees' well-being, both physically and mentally, create a positive and empowering work environment. Healthier, more energized employees contribute to improved team dynamics and overall productivity.

3 Impactful Quotes:

  • "People will stay for a leader. They may have a lot of reasons they leave, but they will stay and put in discretionary effort for a leader because they believe that person cares about them, they trust that person, and they want to do good work together." - Candice Ludwig emphasizes the importance of genuine connections between leaders and their teams.
  • "If you're doing a check-the-box health and wellness there is a better way. I want to partner with the teams, I want to talk to you about your culture and what healthy leaders and teams can achieve." - Candice Ludwig underlines the need for a deep, meaningful partnership with organizations committed to improving employee well-being.
  • "Leaders who encourage and support employees' well-being, both physically and mentally, create a positive and empowering work environment. Healthier, more energized employees contribute to improved team dynamics and overall productivity." - Candice Ludwig highlights the connection between employee well-being and team performance.

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Jenny is a Veteran with 10-years of service in the United States Marine Corps. She is the international bestselling author of From Empty to Overflow: 5 Radical Actions for Women Leaders, a leadership guide for women leaders to lead harmonious lives. She holds degrees from Harvard University and George Mason University. 

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