From School Principal to CEO: Mastering the Art of Leadership Shift

From School Principal to CEO: Mastering the Art of Leadership Shift | Cheri Dixon, CEO, Cheri Dixon Consulting

Cheri's story highlights the importance of the "leadership shift." It's not merely about climbing the corporate ladder; it's about adapting and evolving as a leader. In the podcast, she shares the pivotal moments and lessons that shaped her into the successful CEO she is today. From managing a school to overseeing an entire organization, Cheri's insights are a goldmine for aspiring leaders.

Why should leaders listen to this interview?

Leaders should listen to this interview because it delves into the challenging transition from a successful career in public education to entrepreneurship. Cheri Dixon, with her extensive leadership experience, shares invaluable insights about adapting to change, developing leadership skills, and fostering organizational success. She emphasizes the importance of being prepared with a solid Plan A, which serves as a foundation for contingency planning (Plan B, C, D, etc.). Cheri also addresses the loneliness of leadership roles, the need to manage stress and emotions, and the significance of celebrating small wins. Her journey from a prominent role in education to a new endeavor is a testament to resilience, self-awareness, and the commitment to personal growth and making a positive impact on organizations and individuals.

3 Powerful Leadership Lessons:

  1. The significance of having a strong Plan A as the foundation for contingency planning.
  2. The importance of managing stress, emotions, and self-awareness in leadership roles.
  3. The value of celebrating small wins and avoiding the comparison trap in a journey of change and growth.

3 Impactful Quotes:

  • "You can never compare yourself to somebody's day 100 on your day one." - Cheri Dixon
  • "Transition is always hard. Change is hard. You just have to choose your hard." - Cheri Dixon
  • "Leadership is not having power. It's about empowering others." - Cheri Dixon

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