Why Boldly Inclusive Leadership Matters

Why Boldly Inclusive Leadership Matters | Minette Norman, CEO, Minette Norman Consulting; Author, Boldly Inclusive Leader

In this thought-provoking interview, Minette Norman, a 30-year software industry veteran, shares her journey through the tech world's evolving landscape. She highlights the importance of authenticity and forging one's unique leadership path, emphasizing the need for leaders to speak up, challenge the status quo, and create inclusive environments. Minette also discusses her own experiences with bullying and how it led her to embark on a new path as a consultant, author, and speaker. Her insights on the significance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace resonate strongly, urging leaders to move beyond surface-level diversity and embrace the power of storytelling to foster genuine connection and understanding among their teams.

Why should leaders listen to this interview?  

In this insightful interview with Minette Norman, leaders are offered a wealth of knowledge and inspiration regarding inclusion and belonging in the workplace. Drawing from her extensive experience in the tech industry, Minette discusses the evolution of diversity, shedding light on its historical context and ongoing challenges. Her leadership journey reveals valuable lessons about authenticity, assertiveness, and forging one's path as a leader, applicable across industries. Most importantly, she empowers leaders to challenge the status quo, initiate difficult conversations, and drive tangible DEI improvements within their organizations. This interview is a must-listen for anyone committed to fostering inclusivity in the workplace.

3 Powerful Leadership Lessons:

  1. Inclusion Before Diversity: Minette emphasizes that true inclusion and belonging should be the focus before striving for diversity in the workforce. Having a diverse team is not enough if team members don't feel safe, respected, and able to express themselves authentically.
  2. Start with self-awareness: Leadership begins with self-awareness and the willingness to examine one's biases, behaviors, and communication styles. Leaders should constantly strive to improve themselves and their ability to connect with team members on a personal level.
  3. Storytelling is a powerful tool: Stories humanize leadership and help create connections among team members. Sharing personal experiences and stories can bridge gaps, build empathy, and foster a more inclusive workplace culture.

 3 Impactful Quotes:

  1. "We must keep challenging the status quo and speaking up, not accepting that this is okay." Minette Norman
  2. "If we don't truly welcome and embrace differences, a diverse workforce won't thrive." Minette Norman
  3. "Start with hearing people's stories. We have to expose the truth through human stories." Minette Norman

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