Ready to Lead Like a Lioness?

Ready to Lead Like a Lioness? | Kimberly Parry, CEO, Emergence Life Coaching

In this enlightening episode of "The Room - Where Leaders Talk," host Jenny DuFresne engages with Kimberly Parry, a life stylist, former professor, and leadership coach, in a profound conversation about leadership and the transformative power of embracing a feminine model of leadership. Kimberly shares her personal journey, from burnout and illness to rediscovering her inner voice and intuition. Together, they explore the shift from a dominant, competitive leadership style to a collaborative, intuitive approach. They emphasize the importance of core values, intention, and self-trust, offering practical advice for busy professionals to reconnect with their authentic selves. This episode challenges traditional paradigms and invites leaders, especially women, to listen to their inner wisdom and work together to create a more sustainable future.

Why should leaders listen to this interview?  

Leaders should tune in to this interview to gain invaluable insights into the shift from traditional, dominant leadership models to a more collaborative and authentic approach. Kimberly Parry's personal journey and wisdom highlight the significance of self-trust, intuition, and alignment with core values in leadership. This episode challenges conventional paradigms and encourages leaders to rethink their leadership styles, especially women who are ready to embrace a more sustainable and inclusive way of leading. If you seek to rediscover your authentic leadership style and foster positive change in your organization and community, this interview offers practical guidance and inspiration for the journey ahead.

3 Powerful Leadership Lessons:

  1. Authenticity Over Achievement: Success is not solely defined by external achievements but by feeling aligned with your core values and intentions.
  2. Trust Your Intuition: Take time to listen to your inner guidance; it's your most accurate source of information and wisdom.
  3. Collaboration Over Competition: Embrace the power of collaboration and the strength of women leaders working together, fostering sustainability and growth.

3 Impactful Quotes:

  1. "When you are aligned with your core values and your intention, and you know who you are, it's like noise-canceling earphones to the voice of other people's thoughts and opinions." - Kimberly Parry
  2. "Success is less about achieving and more about feeling successful when you're aligned with your core values and intentions." - Kimberly Parry
  3. "Our strength as women is in leading together, building a collective future, not competing over dominance." - Kimberly Parry

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