To Give Is To Receive

compassion Aug 26, 2013
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To Give is to Receive is the Law of Love. Under this law, when we give our Love away to others we gain, and what we give we simultaneously receive.  The Law of Love is based on abundance; we are completely filled with Love all the time, and our supply is always full and running over.  When we give our Love unconditionally to others with no expectations of return, the Love within us extends, expands and joins.  So by giving our Love away we increase the Love within us and everyone gains.  ~ Love is Letting Go of Fear

      This is a wonderful meditation and reflection.  This past weekend I spent time listening to four speeches by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr  I was humbly reminded not just at his oratory skill, but his profound Love and compassion for all humankind.  Imagine extending Love to your enemy or tormentors as Dr. King encouraged folks to do.  Just imagine.  Dr. King understood the Law of Love deeply.  He lived the Law of Love deeply.   As a Nation, we are as conflicted today as we were yesterday.  Listening to him reminded me of this.  But Love did produce a mighty change in our country.  Where can we–you and I–extend Love today?  If each of us extends Love, our loving energy will expand, join, and eliminate our conflicted dark places.

Peace & Blessings~


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