compassion May 26, 2013
recollection  and honor

      Memorial Day is a day of remembering women and men who have given their lives for freedom.  Today many have paused remembering fallen warriors.  Some share stories with compatriots who’ve served on the field of battle; a band of warriors joined by a deep, indescribable experience.  I remember.  I pay homage.  Remembering those whose sacrifice for freedom paid in blood is an honor.

     As we remember our fallen, we must also remember the memory-keepers; the families—spouses, partners, mothers, fathers, grandparents, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers who live with the loss of their loved one daily.   We may not always remember that our warriors left behind families whose sacrifice is often unrecognized.  When Memorial Day activities fade, our memory-keepers continue living without their warrior keeping her/his memory alive as we move on with our lives.

     If you know of memory-keepers remember to reach out and give them support.   How can you be of service the 364 days before the next Memorial Day?  Honor our fallen warriors by honoring their memory-keepers with your gift of service.  Honor and support the sacrifice our memory-keepers live each day.

Peace & Blessings~


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