Naysayers Beware ‘Cause I Ain't Listening!

creativity Jun 23, 2013
haters get ignored

     Mondays are often great days for birthing new ideas or implementing creative thoughts.  Okay, maybe that sounds contrary to your Monday.  But I find that after my weekend, when I’ve had time to read, reflect, converse with friends, and rejuvenate, my idea fountain is running over.  Obviously, Mondays aren’t the only days when our creative genius is alive and actively generating ideas.

     I’m curious.  Have you ever had a rush of creative idea(s) that excited and invigorated you?  The creativity is so powerful that you bubble over with exuberance.   The creative ideas may render sleep unnecessary.  Eating is often the first to go for me when the energized rush of creative thought strikes me.  You’re probably wondering how many more times will I use “creative, creativity”.   This is key to my point.   Creativity is an act or process of bringing something new or novel into existence.  I believe creativity is directly linked to a Universal Source, Creator, Divine Inspiration, or God (Source of many names).  I believe that each of us receives creative inspiration based on our unique talents, experiences, or gifts.  It is no accident that some of our greatest inventions and creations came from dreams or visions.

     Have you ever shared your creative idea or thought and had it blown to smithereens by a naysayer?  “Aw, that will never work.” Or “You can’t do that because you’re a girl…or a boy…or a kid.”  Or “You don’t have the credentials, education, etc.” Or “You have an image, role, expectation you must uphold so that will never work.”  What happens to that gift of creativity insight YOU were given?  Well, my experience has been that the naysayer’s well-crafted argument begins to shrink MY belief about MY creative insight, idea, or concept.  And before I can formulate an equally well-crafted, supportive response, my creative insight begins to fade as the cloud of doubt settles in.  I suspect I’m not alone in this experience.

      If the creative idea, thought, the concept came to me…it was given to me for a reason.  Now, that doesn’t mean that I randomly pursue every idea that comes into my head.  It’s those ideas and concepts that have a particular intensity, a pointed urgency to create or reshape something.  Generally, I find that intense creative insight is focused on bringing something into being that fixes, resolves, or helps—it is constructive, NOT destructive.

     The next time you are filled with an intense creative insight thought or idea and someone tries to block it with the litany of reasons why you can’t, shouldn’t, or aren’t to do it.  Just remember Naysayers Beware ‘Cause I Ain’t Listening!  You are given creative insight, thoughts, or ideas because YOU are to bring that creative inspiration to life.

Peace & Blessings ~


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