Are You Glorifying Dysfunction?

What are the top five attributes that you glorify as a leader? Do you validate the team member who works long hours? Are you proud that you have made yourself accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week to your team members? Are these characteristics actually healthy or unhealthy for an organization (and for you)?

Join Jenny DuFresne, Host of The Room Podcast, leadership expert, and CEO of Leaders Transform, a business growth training firm, in this episode of The Room, as she explores five different “glorifications” that not only hurt her leadership but also negatively affected her personal life.

As a leader with over two decades of leadership experience, Jenny shares her journey and interviews leaders who are willing to be vulnerable with their stories. 

What are the things you’ve glorified that you shouldn’t have in your leadership journey? Or do you know someone who has a compelling leadership story or lessons? Send their name, business, and contact info to [email protected]

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