I Have to Get an Abortion

What would you do if an employee comes into your office and says, "I need to have an abortion." How do you respond? Do we moralize them and say it's God's will you're pregnant? Or, if you're pro-life, do you allow your personal convictions to be revealed? Or do you take some sort of balanced position? The bigger question is: should leaders assert our personal convictions in the work environment?

Join Jenny DuFresne, Host of The Room Podcast, leadership expert, and CEO of Leaders Transform, a business growth training firm, in this episode of The Room, as she reflects on our responsibilities as leaders when major events, such as the Roe v. Wade decision, collide with our employees and their personal lives. She'll show how respectful communication plays a large role in creating a psychologically safe workplace environment.

As a leader with over two decades of leadership experience, Jenny shares her journey and interviews leaders who are willing to be vulnerable with their stories. 

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