I Couldn't Stand to Be Around Her

What is a leader's role when it comes to social and political issues at work? How do you manage when employees' have conversations about what is affecting them—from social justice movements, to political beliefs, to controversial theories, or books? Can you afford to ignore these conversations? What happens when it starts negatively affecting the culture of the workplace?

Join Jenny DuFresne, Host of The Room Podcast, leadership expert, and CEO of Leaders Transform, a business growth training firm, in this episode of The Room, as she explains how one book completely changed the atmosphere of a business—and how she handled the shift in the culture. She'll reflect on her actions when one of her employee's support of a political figure's view on social justice issues changed the dynamic in the office. And although the event happened almost fifteen years ago—the lessons learned still very much apply today.

As a leader with over two decades of leadership experience, Jenny shares her journey and interviews leaders who are willing to be vulnerable with their stories. 

How have you handled difficult moral situations? How would you discuss an employee's beliefs? Send us your name, business, and contact info to [email protected]

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