Is Courage in Short Supply?

What does it mean to be a courageous leader? Is it the same thing as being a hero? What is the difference? How can leaders stand up and use their voice when it’s the least convenient and has the potential to be the greatest cost? What does it mean to have the ability to persevere despite the circumstances?

Join Jenny DuFresne, Host of The Room Podcast, leadership expert, and CEO of Leaders Transform, a business growth training firm, in this episode of The Room, as she discusses recent national headlines and the lack of courage displayed by leaders. From the January 6th hearing, to the shooting in Uvalde, Texas, Jenny examines the lack of courage and the consequences that followed.

As a leader with over two decades of leadership experience, Jenny shares her journey and interviews leaders who are willing to be vulnerable with their stories. 

Do you know someone who has demonstrated courageous leadership? What does a courageous leader look like to you? Send their name, business, and contact info to [email protected]

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