Are You a Courageous Leader?

Are you a leader who leads with your heart? Do you lead with empathy? Do you take the time to look at multiple sides, get information from all sides of an issue? Do you make studied and reflective decisions? Are you a leader who acts against group think group think is really beginning to destroy our communities?

Join Jenny DuFresne, Host of The Room Podcast, leadership expert, and CEO of Leaders Transform, a business growth training firm, in this episode of The Room, as she reflects on the hearings of the Jan 6th committee and challenges leaders with hard questions: Are you a courageous leader? Do you stand against things that are destructive? Are you leading in a way that you are truly proud of? And when you go home at night, are you proud of the decisions that you've made?

As a leader with over two decades of leadership experience, Jenny shares her journey and interviews leaders who are willing to be vulnerable with their stories. 

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