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Leaders Transform is a dynamic space for women leaders and game changers seeking to deepen leadership impact, unleash potential, and possibility while living a balanced, healthy, and connected life.

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Jenny's Story

Jenny DuFresne is a serial entrepreneur, veteran, international bestselling author, and truth-seeker. Through her speaking engagements, workshops, books, and meditations, she seeks to guide women leaders to tap into their inner energy source to expand purpose, power, and possibility. Jenny is the CEO, DuFresne Solutions Group and Founder, Leaders Transform a personal development leadership project of DSG.


Leadership is an Inside Job

Jenny’s journey to align personal, spiritual, and leadership development comes from her dynamic life experiences. As a young child, Jenny connected with her inner energy source giving birth to a deep spiritual practice. Working to heal beliefs and behaviors that threatened to derail her life, Jenny discovered the power of personal development. Her service in the US Marine Corps instilled a passion for leadership development. Leadership is an inside job intertwined with personal, spiritual, and leader behavior development.

Lead in Balance

Nearly losing her life as the result of a seven-day, 130-hour work week, Jenny was forced to reconcile her leadership beliefs, her purpose in the world, and new ways she could serve humanity. She knows—like breathing—that women leaders’ effectiveness is linked to personal, spiritual, and leadership development.

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