Leadership Matters

Invest in Leaders. Transform Lives.

We Believe


Leaders who cultivate self-awareness,  competencies, and curiosity lead well.


Leaders shape business culture with every interaction or inaction.


Leaders guide and build effective teams that accelerate momentum and results.

Why Leaders Matter

Every business impacts people. No matter the product or service a business sells, people are the difference-makers. Leaders build teams that thrive and inspire. We support leaders to be more effective and impactful with the people they are privileged to lead. We transform good leaders to great leaders.

Why Culture Matters

Have you ever walked into a company and immediately felt happy? A vibrant culture is the secret sauce. What values, behaviors, and attitudes thrive in your company? Leaders who ignite the consistent, daily actions to shape and maintain a great culture. We put the pieces together to move company culture from unclear and chaotic to a vibrant, dynamic place to thrive.

Lead Your Industry

Industry leaders invest in developing leaders and culture. Leadership development is a key business investment with clear return on investment (ROI). Want better results, happy employees, more customers, and faster problem-solving? Train and develop your leaders and lead your industry. Our programs support and develop gamechanger companies.

Leadership Programs

We specialize in developing mid-level leaders and managers to meet and exceed company goals. We affectionately describe mid-level leaders or managers as the “Squeeze Suite”. Mid-levels drive C-suite initiatives, manage direct reports, and work with peers making this pressure-filled role complex, fast-paced, and constantly changing.

Lead with Confidence

How do I gain confidence as a leader? Many leaders and managers ask this question daily. If your managers are experienced or preparing for a leadership role--confidence, competence, and clarity are key development areas. Our LEVERAGE Leader and ASPIRE Leader programs are leadership intensives designed to build confidence to lead fast-changing, ambiguous settings. 

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Over 3,000 leaders and teams transformed since 2013. Our high quality training, expert coaching, and facilitation shift behaviors, mindsets, and skills. We are experts in mid-level leaders and managers development. We help leaders and teams exceed company goals.