Will You Prepare Your Table For Your Abundance?

personal development May 21, 2013
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     Have you ever heard the statement “We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience?”  If you’ve never heard it, you might find the statement thought-provoking or off-putting. The statement resonates with me on many levels.  One way I understand this statement is that, as a Spiritual Being, I have all the tools to live a life of limitless, positive abundance.

     In my Wednesday post, Negative Energy Eats Too.  Is it Eating You?, I described a process to identify and begin to remove negative energy in your life.  If you are reigniting your self-development journey or if you are completely new to a self-development journey, I believe an important aspect is consciously identifying where negative energy—either in our thoughts, words, or actions—is blocking us from creating a vibrant flow of abundance and positive energy.  Think of it this way.  If a person received third-degree burns and doctors grafted new, healthy, vibrant skin right over the top of the badly burned skin; what are the chances that the new skin would thrive?  Slim, right?  Same scenario different outcome.  A person is badly burned.  Doctors, understanding new skin can only grow in a clean, debris-free wound, spend hours cleaning, washing, and clearing away any damaged skin.  The new, healthy, vibrant skin is able to grow and thrive with proper care and nurturing grafted to a strong foundation.

     Yes, this is a graphic example.  But this is precisely why the conscious, deliberate exercise to starve negative energy is key to clear and create a space for vibrant abundance and positive energy.   On my self-development journey, the work to identify, extract, and resolve the negative thoughts, words, and actions that were directed at me and/or that I cultivated and used against others took time, commitment, and sometimes courage to address.

     My process involved systematically addressing the most destructive negative energy—energy that quite literally left me in a constant state of victimization, doubt, fear, blame, defeat, shame, and anger.   Through diligent work and consistent practice over time, I replaced the negative energy with affirmative, positive experiences, thoughts, and beliefs about my life and capabilities.

     In my post, Negative Energy Eats Too.  Is it Eating You?, I wrote about exploring three negative statements that eat at you the most using the three questions found in Challenging Negative Statements below.   Affirming the Life You Want are replacement statements to the Challenging Negative Statements.

Challenging  Negative Statements

Affirming  the Life You Want

  1. How does this statement limit my opportunities or dreams?
  2. How does this statement stop me from experiencing happiness or satisfaction?
  3. How does this statement enable me to stop others from achieving their dreams?


  1. I am filled with the infinite creative power to have, do, or be anything I choose.
  2. Each day, in each minute I choose peace, Love, joy, and happiness.
  3. I happily give my support to help others achieve their dreams.  When I am in service to others, my gifts and opportunities increase abundantly.


     Let’s explore an example of how this works.   “I can’t believe how dumb she is!” We nodded agreement to Jack’s unflattering statement about our supervisor, Suzie.  Working for Suzie seemed like a comedy of errors.  Everything she wanted to happen ALWAYS seemed to fall to pieces.  “I dunno,” Mary said quietly.  “Maybe we’re so busy talking about her and tearing her down that nothing can go right.  Sometimes it seems like our team blocks anything she tries to get done.”  We all looked at Mary's eyebrows raised.  Mary continued, “I happily give my support to help her achieve her dreams.”  The team was puzzled.  “Well,” Mary reflected, “If I can gladly give in support of her dreams, I know that my opportunities multiply and I have abundance in my life.  I’ve worked with Suzie for two years and I’ve been promoted three times.  I firmly believe in having a positive mindset and always positively supporting her.”

     The first step in our self-development journey—new or reignited—must be to identify and replace negative energy as it exists in our thoughts, words, or actions.   Replacing negative energy with positive energy–words, thoughts, or actions—is an intentional, conscious daily habit like the Mary/Suzie example above.  Setting the table for abundance is like grafting on new skin that will flourish and grow into a vibrant, positive life.

Peace & Blessings~


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