When the Going Gets Tough....

personal development Mar 27, 2013

Sometimes we need a lifeline.

     Monday started off with wet, heavy snow as I drove to a funeral. Both unexpected. At the funeral, I saw several of my former students. Unexpected. I sat in the pew remembering Grandpa who loved his grandson. His transition was sudden. I thought about how his grandson will be forever changed. I worried. I watched as the Grandpa’s wife and daughters absorb the hugs and “God Bless Yous” marveling at their poise. I listened to friends and family recall Grandpa’s quiet life of extraordinary service. I smiled. I remembered how he guided his grandson for the seven years I knew him. Service, family man, friend, best friend, loving man, churchman, our Daddy were re-echoed themes. Friend to many, servant to all.

     How are you living your life? I reflected on my contributions. I’ve had this experience before; attending a funeral and looking around in wonder at the impact a person has in the lives of others. How many of us know what that impact is while we are here? How many of us remember to tell others how they’ve inspired our life, been a really good friend, or nurtured our Soul?

     Time is truly our most precious asset. Sometimes it takes the stark reality of a funeral to be reminded that our relationships with family, friends and loved ones are all that matters. How we have touched, served, inspired, and nurtured our relationships is, in essence, the only thing that people really remember.

     Our job titles, material possessions, degrees, and all the other “things” are rarely if ever, mentioned at a funeral. How a person brought joy, life, Light, Love, and passion to the people in his/her life are the only things that truly matter.

     Friends, loved ones, family...our relationships are life’s lifeline. When the going gets tough, it is the loving Beings around us who pull us up, pump us up, and push us forward. Our most valuable contribution to humanity is the relationship and love expressed to our friends and family.

     I hope my reflection inspires you to stop and think about the quality of your relationships and friendships. Are they as full, enriching, loving, and complete as you can make them? I had to take stock. My answer was no. So, I am consciously committing my time to enrich my friendships and relationships. In the rush-rush world, filled with 80-hour workweeks, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and all the rest, it is so easy to lose track of the last time I talked to a friend or loved one. Be intentional. It matters. 

Jenny DuFresne is the CEO, Leaders Transform. Our mission is to develop leaders who grow, inspire, and evolve people, culture, and impact. Our team supports executive and mid-level leaders with executive coaching, leader, team, and culture development in mid-market companies. Learn more at www.LeadersTransform.com

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