Do You See Love In ALL?

personal development Jul 31, 2013
passion for people


     You must learn so to act, so to live each day, that you are naturally, at all times, a being of love.  Love is not sentimentality.  Love is seeing good, seeing God, recognizing the divine law of cause and effect working throughout all life.  To love is to be tolerant towards all men, towards all the happenings of daily life; to be patient, thoughtful, kind and meek.  All these qualities are contained in the one word–Love.  ~ White Eagle

     This quote from The Quiet Mind is powerful.  We are bombarded by so many things that block us from seeing good and living Love.  I flipped on the news this morning and within two minutes, I was wondering if human beings were intentionally bent on self-destruction.  The reality is that today it is my responsibility to see good, to see God, to act from a place of Love and compassion.  If I do it and after you read this you do it–see good, see God, and act from a place of Love and compassion, we can see Love in all.  It is about choice.   Will you choose to see good, to see God, to act from a place of Love and compassion?  I hope so, we need the inspiration and hope.

Peace & Blessings~


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