Is Your Life On Life Support?

personal development Apr 15, 2016
striving for existence

     “I really want a new job,” Sharon exclaimed to her lunch bunch friends.  “I’m tired of this place and all the drama.  I really want more opportunities to grow and improve my skills.  I’ve been stuck here for five years just doing the same monotonous stuff.”   Every lunch gathering Sharon repeated the same complaint.

Two months later, Sharon shares great news with her lunch bunch.

     “Guys, I got an offer letter for a new job!  This new company has a lot of new opportunities and challenges for me to tackle,” Sharon exclaimed.  “Wow, that’s great, Sharon!  When are you giving your two-week notice?”  Her friends were excited.   Sharon was finally going to move on to something more interesting.  Cynthia, a new friend to the lunch bunch, looked at Sharon as she fiddled with her napkin frowning.

     “Sharon, why don’t you seem excited?”  Cynthia asked.  Her brow furrowed in a puzzled look.

     “Well, if I take this new job, I’m going to have to change apartments.  Then I won’t have anyone to walk my dog.”  The lunch bunch was stunned.  Sharon had no opportunities in her current role.   No challenges.  No promotions.  She rarely seemed excited to come to work.  Was she really using an apartment change and no dog walker as the excuse to remain in her complaint-filled, monotonous state?

     Sharon moped around the office for a week.  The lunch bunch gathered for after-work drinks.  “Hey, Sharon.  Have you given your two-week notice yet?”  “Nah, I told management that I had this offer.  They asked me what the salary offer was.  I told them.  They matched it.  So I’m staying,” she sighed.  The lunch bunch group cut eyes to each other and let out a quiet breath of exasperation.  Did she stay?  No promotion.  No new opportunities to grow or be challenged.  She stayed to continue her chosen existence of Miserable Mondays, Terrible Tuesdays, Wishing I Was Anywhere but Here Wednesdays…

Create Your Extraordinary Life

     Is your life like Sharon’s? It doesn’t have to be…in fact, your life is designed to be extraordinary!

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