Falling? Pull the Ripcord!!!

wellness & self care May 29, 2013
decending paracute

     Charting a new path to my longstanding desire/passion is not always a bowl of cherries.  I think inspiring thoughts.  Create big plans.  Get all revved up and excited.  Take a step into my big dreams.  And then there is the dreaded Doubt Voice.  Am I alone?  Nope, I suspect I have lots of company.

     Yesterday was the beginning of my fall.  It started slow.  Coffee.  Meditation.  Facebook…and more Facebook…and random email…read blogs I follow…and more Facebook…more unstructured randomness.   Around 10 am is when the gnawing, creeping doubt quietly whispered.  “What if this doesn’t…?” Doubt Voice inquired.  “But you don’t have…”  Doubt Voice insisted.  “I don’t think you can…”  Doubt Voice was persistent!  “But you’re just sitting here…” chastised Doubt Voice.  “Why do you think you…?” “You don’t have enough…”  “Time is wasting…” Doubt Voice warned.  “Oh, you might as well just do what you know that’s what you’re good at.”  Doubt Voice struck a nerve.  And I began to fall.

     Falling.  This isn’t new.  I’m very acquainted with Doubt Voice.  Planted long ago as I was learning to walk, Doubt Voice is intimate.  So intimate that I’ve had to work really hard to break up with Doubt Voice several times (we have this complicated relationship).  I’ve learned to be conscious and vigilant ‘cause Doubt Voice sneaks in—stealth-like—when I least expect it.  And before I realize it Doubt Voice has moved and I’m falling.  Yesterday’s fall started slow, but by nightfall, I was hurtling down Doubt Voice’s dark tunnel of uncertainty, resignation, and disappointment.  Sleep was my reprieve.

     I woke up this morning.  Doubt Voice greeted me.   Coffee.  Meditation.  Faaalllliiinnnggg.  STOP…PULL THE RIPCORD!  “What is your plan today?” I demanded of myself.   Huhhhhh??  Epiphany!  I realized that as I’m charting a new path and creating something new in my life, I must have a plan every day; daily success steps to draw my goals closer to me.  Without a clear, purposeful set of daily actions Doubt Voice will try to move in.

     Ripcord?  Okay, you might be wondering what the ripcord is all about.  A ripcord deploys the parachute that allows you to slow way down (when hurtling down the gloomy tunnel of Doubt Voice).  The parachute is a lifesaver that enables you to purposefully decide where you want to land.  I pulled the ripcord, the parachute deployed slowing down ol’ gloomy Doubt Voice.  I landed with a plan and a set of next steps to draw my goals closer to me.  Don’t laugh, but I went and cleaned and reorganized the garage.  Cleared my head of Doubt Voice, set my plan for the day and got back on track to manifesting my desire and passion.

     Whether you are building something new in your life or sustaining what you have created few of us are immune to Doubt Voice.  My lesson today is this:  Start every day with a clear, purposeful plan that draws my goals closer to me.  I encourage you if Doubt Voice has pushed you out of the plane, and you are rapidly descending, PULL THE RIPCORD!   Deploy your parachute—slow down—set two or three success steps for your day or hour that draw your goals closer.  Softly land, take action on your success steps, and wave goodbye to Doubt Voice.

 Peace & Blessings~


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