Is Your Dream Stronger Than Your Failures?

personal development Sep 07, 2013
adapt and overcome

     I’ve been incredibly inspired by a dreamer.  I vaguely recall hearing something about this dreamer years ago.   This dreamer has many accomplishments: author, motivational speaker, and record holder.   But one dream was elusive for more than 30 years despite repeated attempts.

     You might dream of getting a pilot’s license, starting a business, traveling around the world, or running a marathon.  Whatever your dreams, they are usually a significant stretch outside your comfort or knowledge zones.  Big dreams that stretch you beyond your known capacity can often mean that failure will be an aspect of your experience.  Is your dream stronger than your failures?  Failure can be debilitating.  We can often talk ourselves out of our dreams when we fail at them.   Some readers of my posts have launched and lost businesses, lost book deals, encountered health challenges that stopped them from climbing mountains essentially failing at their dreams.  How many of you have tried again to accomplish your dreams?  And again?  Have you kept going regardless of naysayers (to include yourself)?  Have you sat down evaluated areas to improve and launch your dream again?  Have you found someone who accomplished a similar dream as your inspiration buddy?

     Is your dream stronger than your failures? Diana Nyad, the first person to swim between Cuba and Florida, finally accomplished her dream at the age of 64 after five failures over the course of 35 years.  No one has ever accomplished this dream—no one expected her to be successful.  Everyone doubted her.  Her dream was just too difficult; too many obstacles.  Spend a little time reading the chronology of Diana’s efforts.   She encountered so many obstacles—deadly jellyfish, sharks, storms, mental and physical breakdowns, and being blown off course.  Embrace the fact that obstacles to our dreams are opportunities to test our resolve.  Is your dream stronger than your failures?

     You may not be attempting a feat as extraordinary as swimming over 100+ miles in the ocean.  Your dream might be to open a bakery, start a consulting business, build a house, adopt a child, or travel the world.  Failure will greet you, but the most important lesson is something that Diana Nyad said.

“FIND A WAY!  You don’t like it, you’re not doing well, FIND A WAY.”

     I trust that you will find a way to ensure that your dreams are stronger than your failures.

Peace & Blessings~


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