Danger...Obstacles Ahead!

leadership Apr 17, 2013
beware of barriers

     “I was so excited...almost breathless...when the idea for this new product just knocked the doors off my thinking,” Grace exclaimed to her friends.“You all know I’ve complained about my job for a long time.”Grace shook her head.“So, so long.

     ”Grace’s friends shifted in their chairs giggling. Several of her friends got so sick of hearing Grace complain they had eased her out of their social invitations. It was such a downer listening to her constant negative drumbeat about how frustrating her boss was, how all the people at her office just backward...or even more pointed comments about her coworkers.

     “Ladies, I just can’t believe how powerful this idea is. I am so excited I can barely sleep! I am energized. Creativity seems to flow from every pore in my body. In the middle of the night, I wake up, sit straight up, heart pounding as a new insight dares me to fall back asleep.”Grace vibrated with excitement. Her friends’ leaned in drawn to Grace’s electrified passion and enthusiasm. Their hearts beat a little faster as Grace shared.

     “I’ve put together my plan with some time-bound goals. I’m so excited to get this project going. I should have the first prototype ready in three months.” Grace’s confidence was infectious.“I’m ready!

”Dream Bigger than Your Obstacles“

     Hey Grace! How’s it going?”Samantha had known Grace since high school. Samantha was looking forward to catching up on Grace’s good news.

     Grace slowly shook her head.“Oh, Sam, can I tell you all the crazy things that have happened since I was so excited by my new product idea? I swear if it could go wrong it did go wrong.”Grace spent the next 20-minutes recounting all the obstacles that seemed to appear out of the blue. Her project was now a month behind, the fabricator had gone out of business, her bosses required more of her time at work, her boyfriend’s frustration grew as Grace’s focus was on her inspired project...her obstacle list was endless. She was starting to think that she really wasn’t meant to do this project. She just didn’t have the time and energy to devote to her inspired project after all the obstacles popped up.


     Obstacles, I believe are important “helpers” to challenge us to be persistent, insistent, and consistent in manifesting our dreams. Yep, that may be hard to hear, but inspired visions—often come to us as easy as a flash of insight or an electrified thought. But taking a vision from concept to reality requires us to be persistent, insistent, and consistent in developing and building that vision into a concrete reality. I built an organization that served almost 300 people. The obstacles were extraordinary and sometimes daily occurrences. I read a profound quote in the first year of making my vision a concrete reality.


     Obstacles are helpers designed to inspire our creative problem-solving. Focus on your vision—not the obstacles—your concrete plan—not the obstacles. Do something every single day—no matter what—to make your dream a reality. Small bites eventually consume the elephant.

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